24H Pano­ra­ma (4 min. / SD Video / Sound) is a short ani­ma­ted film of pano­ra­mic still ima­ges. In this film, time and spa­ce seem to exist inde­pen­dent­ly in a sequen­ce of tran­quil lands­ca­pes. It is the first pro­ject in what will beco­me a series of short films that deal with mani­pu­la­ted per­cep­ti­on of time and space.

The extre­me­ly wide­an­g­le ima­ges for this pro­jects are shot at regu­lar inter­vals of 1–2 seconds through a spe­ci­al 360-degrees pano­ra­mic lens. All came­ra-move­ment is arti­fi­ci­al, and digi­tal­ly added during edi­ting, inde­pen­dent of speed and direc­ti­on of the mate­ri­al itself, cre­a­ting an ‘illu­si­o­na­ry flow of time and move­ment’. In the case of this pro­ject, the result is a some­what rough col­lec­ti­on of expe­ri­ments. This pro­ject func­ti­ons more or less as a pilot for fur­ther research.

This pro­ject is screened:

This pro­ject is made pos­si­ble with a fund of the Depart­ment of Cul­tu­ral Affairs in Utrecht.