Flyer AtkritkaAtkrit­ka is a the­a­tri­cal per­for­man­ce by Cow­boy Bij Nacht. It is based on the docu­men­ta­ry film Check­point of Yoav Sha­mir, con­cerning the soci­al inter­cour­se bet­ween Israe­li sol­diers and Pales­ti­ni­an citi­zens at check­points around the Pales­ti­ni­an are­as. For this play, I com­po­sed a mul­ti­chan­nel soundtrack.

In Atkrit­ka, the ten­sed situ­a­ti­on around the check­points is strip­ped of almost all visu­al con­text in six suc­ces­i­ve sce­nes. As a con­trast, I tried to ‘fill in’ this strip­ped con­text with a ‘hyper­re­a­lis­tic’ sounds­ca­pe. Sounds were tre­a­ted as objects; seve­r­al small spea­kers on the sta­ge play­ed back con­cre­te sounds of bir­ds, insects, cars, etc., within a sur­roun­ding sounds­ca­pe of 4 big­ger spea­kers around the sta­ge, each sce­ne resem­bling a dif­fe­rent deso­la­te atmosphere.

This pro­ject is made by:

  • Rosa Mee, Greg Not­trot, Hok Tan, Çig­dem Teke (Actors)
  • Alexan­der de Vree (Direc­tor)
  • Robert van Dijk (Tekst)
  • Andrea Jacobs (Sta­ge­de­sign)
  • Arnold Hoog­er­werf (Sound-/Lightde­sign)
  • Jor­gen Schel­le­kens (Tech­ni­ci­an)
  • Sascha van Veen (Pro­duc­ti­on)
  • Alba The­a­ter­huis (Pro­du­cer)
  • Paul Wol­te­rink (Grap­hic Design)

This pro­ject is performed:

  • dec 7 — dec 16 2006, The­a­ter­huis Alba, Den Haag (NL)
  • dec 20 — dec 23 2006, Vil­la Con­cor­dia, Utrecht (NL)
  • Excerpt of sound­track (.mp3)