Ontleding Van Het Filmische

Ont­le­ding Van Het Fil­mi­sche is a per­for­man­ce / light instal­la­ti­on. In this per­for­man­ce, a mecha­ni­cal light con­struc­ti­on is built and care­ful­ly tested, with the ulti­ma­te goal of cre­a­ting one ‘cine­ma­tic’ moment. This pro­ject is an ode to the pio­neers of cine­ma: all the artists, priests, alche­mists and sci­en­tists that pas­si­o­na­te­ly wor­ked on the inven­ti­on of the cine­ma­tic appa­ra­tus, an appa­ra­tus that laid the base for our con­tem­po­ra­ry visu­al culture.

With this pro­ject, i gra­du­a­ted from the Inter­fa­cul­ty Sound and Ima­ge. It beca­me a rather con­cep­tu­al pro­ject; it was sort of a roun­dup of all the ide­as i had during my stu­dy. In fact, this pro­ject is a self­port­rait: in total dark­ness, the per­for­mer is turning a big stee­ring wheel. This cau­ses two moving lights to light a series of han­ging cut out sil­hou­et­tes. The stro­bo­sco­pic effect gives the illu­si­on of a per­son turning around a big stee­ring wheel…

This pro­ject is performed:

  • july 1–7 1999, Eind­ter­men (gra­du­a­te exhi­bi­ti­on), Gal­lery Tous­saint­ka­de, Stroom HCBK, The Hague (NL)