Secret Pla­ces is a per­for­man­ce instal­la­ti­on by For­ced Enter­tain­ment with 13 per­for­mers of the Rot­ter­dam and The Hague Art Aca­de­mies. In this 4 hours las­ting per­for­man­ce, the per­for­mers are sit­ting next to each other with their eyes clo­sed, tel­ling each other sto­ries from memory.

Sur­roun­ded by 1000 snap­shots of the city 13 per­for­mers embark upon a mara­thon of memo­ry. Hund­reds of sto­ries are told, for­got­ten pla­ces are re-dis­co­ver­ed and frag­ments of remi­nis­cen­ce are whis­pe­red in the half-light. You are invi­ted to eavesdrop.”

This pro­ject was the result of a work­shop from For­ced Enter­tain­ment from Shef­field, UK. I was one of the par­ti­ci­pants / per­for­mers. In a cou­ple of weeks, we took thou­sands of pho­tos of all kinds of pla­ces in Rot­ter­dam. The­se pho­tos were pla­ced on the exhi­bi­ti­on floor, all with a litt­le note chal­ked next to it: ‘A Good Pla­ce for.…”.

This pro­ject was performed:

  • 20/21 sep­tem­ber, 27/28 sep­tem­ber 1997, R Fes­ti­val, V2_Organization, Rot­ter­dam (NL)
    • Pho­tos