(Un)Aimed is a mul­ti­chan­nel, inter­ac­ti­ve sound instal­la­ti­on. It exists of seve­r­al rota­ting para­bo­lic spea­kers. The­se spea­kers pro­du­ce extre­me­ly nar­row beams of sound that appear very near to the visi­tor, when stan­ding in such a beam (and almost silent when stan­ding out­si­de of it). Becau­se the spea­kers turn around and the walls of the room func­ti­on like ‘acous­tic mir­rors’, it appe­ars as if the­re are an innu­me­ra­ble amount of sounds­our­ces, the­re­by cre­a­ting a stran­ge ‘acous­tic ima­ge’ of the room.

The instal­la­ti­on reac­ts on the pre­sen­ce of peo­p­le in the room; if more peo­p­le are ente­ring the room, the instal­la­ti­on will beco­me more acti­ve and will sound more omi­nous. If there’s nobo­dy in the room, the instal­la­ti­on will beco­me almost silent. Inspi­ra­ti­on for this pro­ject comes from old and new mili­ta­ry tech­no­lo­gy and engi­nee­ring, like radar, sonar and fort­res­ses. This pro­ject was exhi­bi­ted on loca­ti­on in an old fort­ress, part of ‘De Hol­land­se Water­li­nie’, a series of water based defen­ces. Built and used from 1629 until 1940, it was plan­ned to pro­tect the eco­no­mic heart­land of the Dut­ch Repu­blic with a line of flood­ed land pro­tec­ted by fortresses.

This instal­la­ti­on is exhibited:

  • sep­tem­ber 2002, Exhi­bi­ti­on of For­ten­maand 2002, Fort Werk aan de Waal­se Wete­ring, Tull en ‘t Waal (NL)

This exhi­bi­ti­on was part­ly in coo­p­e­ra­ti­on with Bart Vis­ser, who pre­sen­ted his own sound instal­la­ti­on in the same fort­ress. The instal­la­ti­ons were con­nec­ted with each other through the move­ment sen­sors pla­ced in the dif­fe­rent rooms of the fortress.