From sep­tem­ber 2017 — febru­a­ry 2018, i will be wor­king at NIAS (Nether­lands Insti­tu­te of Advan­ced Stu­dy in the Huma­ni­ties and Soci­al Sci­en­ces) as part of a fel­lows­hip offe­red by the KNAW and the Aka­de­mie van Kun­sten. I will be wor­king on my upco­ming pro­ject The super­nor­mal, a more the­o­re­ti­cal fol­low-up of my inter­dis­ci­pli­na­ry art pro­ject De meeu­wen van Tin­ber­gen.

Apart from doing more research on the effects of Niko Tinbergen’s con­cept of the super­nor­mal sti­mu­lus on human beha­vi­our in gene­ral,  i will be focu­sing on the impli­ca­ti­ons of this kind of sci­en­ti­fic know­led­ge on art, art the­o­ry and art education.

During the resi­d­en­cy, i will try to set up an inter­dis­ci­pli­na­ry dia­lo­gue bet­ween seve­r­al renow­ned sci­en­tists, artists and the­o­rists. The out­co­me of all research from both pro­jects will hope­ful­ly be publis­hed in an illu­stra­ted book (in coo­p­e­ra­ti­on with Jap Sam Books).