Secret Places is a performance installation by Forced Entertainment with 13 performers of the Rotterdam and The Hague Art Academies. In this 4 hours lasting performance, the performers are sitting next to each other with their eyes closed, telling each other stories from memory.

Surrounded by 1000 snapshots of the city 13 performers embark upon a marathon of memory. Hundreds of stories are told, forgotten places are re‐discovered and fragments of reminiscence are whispered in the half‐light. You are invited to eavesdrop.”

This project was the result of a workshop from Forced Entertainment from Sheffield, UK. I was one of the participants / performers. In a couple of weeks, we took thousands of photos of all kinds of places in Rotterdam. These photos were placed on the exhibition floor, all with a little note chalked next to it: ‘A Good Place for.…”.

This project was performed:

  • 20/21 september, 27/28 september 1997, R Festival, V2_Organization, Rotterdam (NL)
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