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(Announcement) Cowboy Bij Nacht @ Uitfeest Utrecht 2007

Cowboy Bij Nacht will present short excerpts from two upcoming theatre shows at Uitfeest 2007, marking the beginning of the cultural season. At Huis a.d. Werf, ‘Maandag of Dinsdag’ will be playing at 13.30 and 14.30 (Premiere will be october 25 2007 at Huis aan de Werf). At the Ganzenmarkt (Stadhuisplein), on every whole hour, there will be a short excerpt titled ‘Ondergetekende’. The premiere of this new performance is scheduled somewhere in spring 2008. I will make music for both pieces.

(Announcement) New Website!

Welcome to my slowly ever-expanding website (which is still under construction, though). As i add more articles, this site will function as an online portfolio of my work. For now, I’m in the process of adding textual information about my projects. Later on, i will add documentation.
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