• mjkaul


    @ArnoldHoogerwerf I’m reading Gioia’s history of jazz at the moment, and it’s excellent. The passage you quoted would be right at home in the jazz book.

  • ArnoldHoogerwerf


    @mjkaul great! It’s definitely a book I want to read soon. To be honest I didn’t know Ted Gioia, but this WP article made me very curious.

  • mjkaul


    @ArnoldHoogerwerf Yeah, he’s a very interesting dude. Jazz pianist, business executive, and prolific writer. And the brother of the very good poet Dana Gioia.

  • artkavanagh


    @mjkaul @ArnoldHoogerwerf There’s a lot of interesting reading on his website, including whole series of literary criticism, such as “Conceptual fiction”.

  • mjkaul


    @artkavanagh Indeed. He’s truly prolific—and it’s high quality work! Insightful and not academic.

  • Cassinato


    @ArnoldHoogerwerf He actually has a YouTube channel… with only 698 subscribers! He has about 9 or 10 vids, each about 10 mins talking about a particular musical topic. One is called ‘How Good is Kind of Blue’? If that doesn’t get your attention… I was gifted his History of Jazz when it came out in ‘97 and it’s a book I’m always browsing through. I’ll have to check out this new one. I think it may be jumping the queue of books to read!

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