I’m a media artist, teacher and researcher, based in Utrecht, the Netherlands.

Feel free to browse my projects, read some of my latest thoughts, or get in touch.

See below for what I’m working on now.

This is what I’m working on now:


  • I recently had a first great meeting on a new upcoming project on the history and future of the ‘Groene Hart’ area, a green and open central area surrounded by a ring of cities in the Dutch Randstad (Amsterdam, The Hague, Rotterdam and Utrecht).




  • I’m slowly expanding my business to include technical and cross media coaching and consulting for artists and creatives. I just started coaching two artists in the fields of Fine Arts and Graphic Design. If you’re interested as well: get in touch and we’ll drink a cup of coffee first!


  • And finally, here’s what the upcoming weeks of the new academic year of my job at Utrecht University of the Arts (HKU)  will entail:




    • I am completing the final part of a didactics course for teachers



— October 2020