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About me

In 1999, I received bachelor’s degrees of art and music from both art academy and conservatoire. Since then, I have been working as an independent media artist, teacher and researcher.

I create audiovisual installations and compose music and sound for theatre and film. As a creative director / curator, I also initiate (research) projects at the interface between the different art disciplines and the sciences.

A continuing theme throughout my work is the human relationship with technological and scientific progress. I’m fascinated by the origins of media technology throughout the ages, and the influence of historical scientific and technological discoveries on contemporary culture. With my projects, I’m trying to make tangible how those historical developments are shaping our current and future perception of the world.

I believe in interdisciplinary cooperation between artists and scientists. I am convinced that artists can play an important role in bridging the often perceived gap between ever-accelerating scientific and technological progress and society.

Besides my independent art practice, I am working freelance as an artist, researcher and teacher for various cultural, scientific and educational organizations.

My studio is based in beautiful Utrecht, The Netherlands, where I also live with my partner and two lovely daughters.

Field recording in a herring gull colony, Terschelling, NL (2012)

Exhibitions / Festivals / etc.

My art and research projects have been shown in several locations, among others:

Commissioned work

I’ve been working as a commissioned artist, lecturer and researcher for several clients, such as:

  • Hogeschool v.d. Kunsten Utrecht
    • Image and Media Technology
    • Crossover Creativity
    • Digital Media
    • Basisopleiding Media
    • Brede Basisopleiding
    • Expertisecentrum Creatieve technologie
    • Expertisecentrum Educatie
  • Amsterdamse Hogeschool voor de Kunsten
    • OPP / Academie voor Theater en Dans
  • Koninklijke Academie van Beeldende Kunsten / Koninklijk Conservatorium Den Haag
    • ArtScience Interfaculty (Interfaculteit Beeld en Geluid)
  • Eye Filmmuseum
  • Museum Klok en Peel
  • Utrechts Centrum v.d. Kunsten
  • Kossmann.dejong
  • Esther Polak
  • Toneelgroep Oostpool
  • Theatercompagnie
  • Theatergroep Hollandia
  • Toneelgroep Monk
  • Theatergroep cowboy bij nacht
  • Het NUT (Nieuw Utrechts Toneel)

(See also projects)

Ontleding van het Filmische (1999)