Sonic LightSonic Light was the name of the 2003 edi­ti­on of the annu­al Sonic Acts fes­ti­val. As a mem­ber of the edi­to­ri­al staff, i was invol­ved in the design of the Light Box, a gigan­tic light-/vi­deo­pro­jec­ti­on sculp­tu­re in the main hall of Para­diso, which ser­ved as the only light sour­ce during the fes­ti­val. For dif­fe­rent live musi­cal per­for­man­ces i made RGB-light­com­po­si­ti­ons (among others Oli­via Block)

Sonic Light took place:

  • febru­a­ry 13 — febru­a­ry 23 2003, Sonic Acts Fes­ti­val Para­diso / De Balie, Amster­dam (NL)

Sonic Light 2003 is a co-pro­duc­ti­on bet­ween Para­diso and the Inter­fa­cul­ty Ima­ge and Sound at the Roy­al Con­ser­va­to­ry and the Roy­al Aca­de­my of Art in The Hague.