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Teaching a Neural Network How to Drive a Car

”One of the reasons I find neural network training so fascinating is that you can observe […] the basic method by which all life on Earth evolved the ability to do things like move, see, swim, digest food […] and use tools.”

This tiny creature, with a brain the size of a pinhead and no opportunity to learn from older, experienced individuals, undertakes an epic intercontinental migration in order to find plants for its caterpillars to eat.”

Secrets of Painted Lady migration unveiled

Jumbo the privacy app just got a lot better. Love the smart privacy settings for Google and Twitter. Totally recommended!

Getting re‐inspired through tidying up the archive from my college days and short thereafter. Both by courses from my old teachers and the first workshops I conducted myself after graduation. There’s a lot I forgot, but I’m sure a lot will find its way to future classes again!

Final two weeks of my sound installation at Eye Filmmuseum! (The parallel exhibition A Tale of Hidden Histories also very recommended)

Exploring cultural history through storytelling. Huai Mo Village(2012),Chia-Wei Hsu. At A Tale of Hidden Histories Exhibition, Eye filmmuseum Amsterdam.

Many people wonder if there could be a genius like Leonardo today, or what a person of his disposition would do. Perhaps there cannot be another like him because today’s world requires tremendous specialization.”

The Mind of Leonardo Da Vinci

Excited to see Fatoumata Diawara listed as one of the guest curators for Le Guess Who 2019. Revealing the guest curators for Le Guess Who? 2019

Growing up in the Wassoulou region, she experienced stifling traditions and the oppression of women. In her music, Diawara addresses fierce political topics, fighting for the rights of women and children in her homeland.

🎥 l’Homme fidèle (2018) ★★★☆☆. By/with Louis Garrel, and with a convincing Lilly‐Rose Depp. Everyone just needs to watch a good French romantic movie from time to time. And you can’t go wrong with this one.

🎥 Beautiful behind‐the‐scenes photography (and much more) from the just‐launched Charlie Chaplin Archive!

Shell Shock sound installation at Eye Amsterdam

I made a commissioned sound installation for the Shell Shock programme in Eye Filmmuseum! You’re welcome to experience it until 22 May 2019. It’s free, since the installation is at the entrance of Eye, but I highly encourage you to also visit one of the great talks, films and other events as part of Shell Shock, or the parallel exhibition A Tale of Hidden Histories.

More info can be found on the project page.

Just imagine this:

No retweets, no trending hashtags, no unlimited global search, and no algorithmic recommended users. … It’s time for platforms to slow down, actively curate, and limit features that will spread hate.

Manton Reece — New Zealand and social media.

Having fun building a commissioned sound installation for the upcoming Shell Shock programme at Eye Filmmuseum, Amsterdam. Old technology meets new technology.

I really loved this atmospheric video installation. Shot in near‐total darkness and silence. Sunrise, by David Claerbout, De Pont, Tilburg.

Art works by Richard Long, at De Pont museum, Tilburg.

Gaufrettes Sequence Randomly, Ann Veronica Janssens, (2018). De Pont museum, Tilburg.

🎥 Beautiful film props from the surreal cinema of Jan Švankmajer, on display in EYE Filmmuseum Amsterdam. This one is from one of my favourites: Conspirators of Pleasure (1996)

I choose for my family. Maybe others are capable of doing it, but I can’t go on tour and be a good dad at the same time.”

Mark Hollis, explaining his decision to leave music in 1998 (but only after releasing possibly one of the most quiet and intimate records ever made.)

🎵 Mark Hollis — Mark Hollis

Dirk, the vagabond robot, Electric Circus, 2014. On display at Robots Love Music exhibition, Museum Speelklok, Utrecht.

The Android Clarinetist, Cornelis Jacob van Oeckelen, Breda, the Netherlands, 1838. On display at Robots Love Music exhibition, Museum Speelklok, Utrecht

Moving Image Course at HKU

This week I started a new Moving Image course at the HKU Brede Basisopleiding (University of the Arts Utrecht). Here you can see the students creating a Light Modulator. It’s so nice to see young students getting enthusiastic by an art excercise developed almost 80 years ago at Moholy-Nagy’s New Bauhaus.

🎵 Finally, a great new album by Belgium’s best kept secret: Dez Mona — Book of Many

Darkest Hour

That we end up being misled by our senses is a widely‐accepted truism, as most humans mistake the limits of their perception for the limits of the world itself.

The Question Of Perception

🎥 Paths of Glory (1957) ★ ★ ★ ★. Another Stanley Kubrick masterpiece. Hard to believe he only was 28 years old at the time. You would expect this kind of craftsmanship only of very experienced and more senior directors.

A must read, if you ask me: Childhood’s End, by George Dyson.

Most of us, most of the time, are following instructions delivered to us by computers rather than the other way around. The digital revolution has come full circle and the next revolution, an analog revolution, has begun. None dare speak its name.’

I very much enjoyed Oskar Kokoschka. A retrospective in Kunsthaus Zürich today.

How Much of the Internet Is Fake?

Everything that once seemed definitively and unquestionably real now seems slightly fake; everything that once seemed slightly fake now has the power and presence of the real.

Every year, the raspberry in my garden manages to bear fruit until the Christmas holidays. This little fella was the sole survivor of this year’s battle.

📚 This quote from What art is is a pretty good summary of Arthur Danto’s philosophy of art in general. What Art Is

Governments and private companies are deploying AI systems at a rapid pace, but the public lacks the tools to hold these systems accountable when they fail. AI creates an accountability gap

🎥 To live and die in L.A. (1985). Basically an updated version of The French connection. Reminded me of Miami Vice. With a young and convincing Willem Dafoe and also John Turturro. And not to forget Robby Müller on camera.

🎥 Sorcerer (1977). Another great movie from William Friedkin. In all his movies there seem to be only losers and no winners. No matter what genre, his main characters always are in absolute despair. Great soundtrack by Tangerine Dream as well.

Today is Universal Children’s Day. A nice occasion for the Dutch parliament to start the hopefully new tradition of Question Time for children!

🎥 The French Connection (1971) This must have been the best crime thriller I’ve ever seen. The dense editing gives the whole film a nervous pace, and the haunting soundtrack keeps you shivering throughout. Definitely made me curious about other films directed by William Friedkin

🎥 Another good one from the seventies, with a young Nick Nolte. Plot line a bit disappointing, but great cinematography. Who’ll Stop the Rain (1978)

🎥 Enjoyed watching some great films from the seventies lately. Night Moves (1975) certainly was one of them. Directed by Arthur Penn, and with a great Gene Hackman.

Looking back at a successful workshop with students from the Amsterdam Academy of Theatre and Dance!


I love the new hingeless strandbeest UMINAMI by Theo Jansen.



“Maybe it was too beautiful, but it was the only way to do it”

Great quote from the late Robby Müller on shooting a scene of ‘Down by law’.


Slow motion in slow motion, through AI. Seems bad news for high speed camera manufacturers.

A remake of Disney’s Dumbo is set for release in 2019. Apparently including a remake of the Pink Elephant Parade too. Don’t know if that’s a good thing or not…

Fascinating to see this kind of detail in the eyes and wings of a creature that only lives for a few weeks on average…

Masterclass with Alvin Lucier

On Sunday, october 19th 2014, i was given the opportunity to attend a masterclass by Alvin Lucier at the Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam. This very inspiring masterclass was part of the Alvin Lucier Festival and was organized by Sonic Acts. Mr. Lucier talked extensively about his work and we attended several of his compositions being performed across the museum. Several of my own projects were inspired by the ideas and work of Alvin Lucier.

Lecture on Niko Tinbergen during ‘De Academie’ (De NUTtige winkel)

On january 15, Alexander de Vree and i presented a lecture on Niko Tinbergen, his research on supernormal stimuli and  human behaviour during De NUTtige winkel (an annual series of performances by Nieuw Utrechts Toneel) in Theater Kikker. The lecture was based on our research for De Meeuwen van Tinbergen and focused on the implications of research in behavioural biology  in relation to economics and the economic crisis. A small part of the lecture also focused on his brother (and fellow Nobel Prize winner), the famous economist Jan Tinbergen.

Student film screenings at Filmin Festival

A selection of short films made by students of my video courses at Utrechts Centrum v.d. Kunsten will be screened at the Filmin festival on sunday june 10 2012. Filmin is a European project aimed at improving cultural exchange through the use of audiovisual media.

Location: PodiumWerkPlaats (
Burchtpoort 5
 3452 MD Vleuten)

Exhibition “10 Jaar Vlampijpateliers”

From april 6–28 2011, i will present a digital portfolio of my work at the exhibition 10 jaar Vlampijpateliers, Stadhuis Utrecht. Opening hours: Monday — Friday from 9.00 — 17.00. Address: Korte Minrebroederstraat 2, Utrecht.

Teaser for ‘De Meeuwen van Tinbergen’

I created a video teaser for my upcoming project ‘De Meeuwen van Tinbergen’, about the life and work of Nobel Prize laureate Niko Tinbergen (1907–1988).

De Meeuwen van Tinbergen’ will be an interdisciplinary project in cooperation with Cowboy bij Nacht, Staatsbosbeheer, Museum Boerhaave Leiden, Institute of Biology (Leiden University) and Oerol Festival Terschelling. More information can be found on the project blog ↪︎demeeuwenvantinberge…

[Announcement] First public presentation of ‘De Meeuwen van Tinbergen’ at Uitfeest Utrecht 2010

On september 12, a first public presentation will be held of my upcoming project ‘De Meeuwen van Tinbergen’ during Uitfeest Utrecht 2010, the start of the cultural season in Utrecht.

Once every hour, on the city hall square, Cowboy by Nacht will present a ‘concert for seagulls’, presented through an 8‐channel surround sound installation, placed around the square. In between these short interventions (inspired by Hitchcock’s “The Birds”), we will invite the audience to take part in a little video‐interview, while they get a special treatment by a make‐up artist.

More on this project (which is scheduled for summer 2011) in future posts, for now, check the project‐blog (in dutch), or the back of the flyer below.

[Update] Stereo bounce from the original 8 track composition:
Étude (for Seagulls) by arnoldhoogerwerf

Gidsenproject’ at Oerol 2010

I was invited to take part in the ‘Gidsenproject’ of this year’s Oerol Festival. More info can be found here (in Dutch).

I also was invited by Dutch television channel AVRO, to review two small projects at the festival. The results can be seen below:

Nomination for BNG WorkSpace Project Prize 2010

Close Encounter of the First Kind SketchI got nominated for the BNG WorkSpace Project Prize 2010, organized by Filmhuis Den Haag / ZAAL5, with a project proposal for an interactive light installation named ‘A Close Encounter of The First Kind’ (for which i’m still seeking funding).

WORKSPACE is the annual project competition through which ZAAL5 seeks out talented filmmakers and artists working with film, new (interactive) media, video installations, performance and visuals. ZAAL5 is the in‐house project space for media arts at Filmhuis Den Haag. This multifunctional room is dedicated to programmes and projects using moving images that are not displayed in regular film halls.

I was one of the 5 selected artists (out of 45 applicants) that had to pitch his or her project proposal on the 25th of april 2010, in front of a professional jury, to win one of the two available prizes of € 9000,- for the realization and presentation of the project.