Teaching Module Generator

In cooperation with David Jonas Castanheira, I developed an automatic Teaching module generator, that generates new lesson content, based on the texts of all first year teaching modules within the Media Faculty of the HKU. 


We used Processing and the RiTa library (Version 1.12; Howe 2015) to perform natural language processing of all existing teaching module descriptions and made an automatic teaching module generator. It generates a randomly assembled, but perfectly readable text. This way, one gets a good impression of the language use and ‘tone of voice’ across the different disciplines.

This installation, together with the HKU Media twitter bot, is part of a research project commissioned by the Expertisecentrum Educatie of HKU Utrecht University of the Arts, on the possibilities of language technology within an art curriculum, whether for analytical purposes, or as a toolkit within a creative process. This project, with this installation as a proof of concept, is also a plea for embracing more emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, data visualization and natural language processing in art education.




Generative video installation / printed text generator

In cooperation with

David Jonas Castanheira


HKU Media, Utrecht

Symposium on language, curated by Corrie Nagtegaal