Scenes From My BackyardScenes From my Backyard is a 4‑channel video installation in cooperation with Alexander de Vree and Mariska Hogendoorn. It is a ‘panoramic tableau vivant’ in which moving panoramic images are extended over 4 adjacent projection-screens. In a 15 minutes long time lapse sequence, the spectator is taken along different ‘everyday scenes’ of a family in their backyard.

In this project, an estranged atmosphere is created out of everyday situations, by creating artificial camera-movements and playing the material back and forth at differents speeds during editing. The extremely wideangle images for this projects are shot at regular intervals of 1–2 seconds through a special 360-degrees panoramic lens. (This same technique is being used before in 24H Panorama)

Scenes From My BackyardAlexander de Vree works as an actor and theatre-director and is one of the initiators of theatregroup Cowboy bij Nacht.

Mariska Hogendoorn is visual artist and teaches art.

This project is exhibited:

  • november 9 — december 9 2006, 18.00 hr — late, Videowall Stadsschouwburg Utrecht (NL)
  • april 1 — april 17 2007, 20.30 hr — late, Videowall Stadsschouwburg Utrecht (NL)

Videowall is a project of Lazy Marie and Stadsschouwburg Utrecht. In 2006, 4 young audiovisual artists were commissioned to create a video-work, to be projected on the facade of the stadsschouwburg Utrecht.