Scenes From My BackyardScenes From my Back­yard is a 4‑channel video instal­la­tion in coop­er­a­tion with Alexan­der de Vree and Mariska Hogen­doorn. It is a ‘panoram­ic tableau vivant’ in which mov­ing panoram­ic images are extend­ed over 4 adja­cent pro­jec­tion-screens. In a 15 min­utes long time lapse sequence, the spec­ta­tor is tak­en along dif­fer­ent ‘every­day scenes’ of a fam­i­ly in their backyard.

In this project, an estranged atmos­phere is cre­at­ed out of every­day sit­u­a­tions, by cre­at­ing arti­fi­cial cam­era-move­ments and play­ing the mate­r­i­al back and forth at dif­fer­ents speeds dur­ing edit­ing. The extreme­ly widean­gle images for this projects are shot at reg­u­lar inter­vals of 1–2 sec­onds through a spe­cial 360-degrees panoram­ic lens. (This same tech­nique is being used before in 24H Panora­ma)

Scenes From My BackyardAlexan­der de Vree works as an actor and the­atre-direc­tor and is one of the ini­tia­tors of the­atre­group Cow­boy bij Nacht.

Mariska Hogen­doorn is visu­al artist and teach­es art.

This project is exhibited:

  • novem­ber 9 — decem­ber 9 2006, 18.00 hr — late, Vide­owall Stadss­chouw­burg Utrecht (NL)
  • april 1 — april 17 2007, 20.30 hr — late, Vide­owall Stadss­chouw­burg Utrecht (NL)

Vide­owall is a project of Lazy Marie and Stadss­chouw­burg Utrecht. In 2006, 4 young audio­vi­su­al artists were com­mis­sioned to cre­ate a video-work, to be pro­ject­ed on the facade of the stadss­chouw­burg Utrecht.