Scenes From My BackyardScenes From my Backyard is a 4‐channel video installation in cooperation with Alexander de Vree and Mariska Hogendoorn. It is a ‘panoramic tableau vivant’ in which moving panoramic images are extended over 4 adjacent projection‐screens. In a 15 minutes long time lapse sequence, the spectator is taken along different ‘everyday scenes’ of a family in their backyard.

In this project, an estranged atmosphere is created out of everyday situations, by creating artificial camera‐movements and playing the material back and forth at differents speeds during editing. The extremely wideangle images for this projects are shot at regular intervals of 1–2 seconds through a special 360‐degrees panoramic lens. (This same technique is being used before in 24H Panorama)

Scenes From My BackyardAlexander de Vree works as an actor and theatre‐director and is one of the initiators of theatregroup Cowboy bij Nacht.

Mariska Hogendoorn is visual artist and teaches art.

This project is exhibited:

  • november 9 — december 9 2006, 18.00 hr — late, Videowall Stadsschouwburg Utrecht (NL)
  • april 1 — april 17 2007, 20.30 hr — late, Videowall Stadsschouwburg Utrecht (NL)

Videowall is a project of Lazy Marie and Stadsschouwburg Utrecht. In 2006, 4 young audiovisual artists were commissioned to create a video‐work, to be projected on the facade of the stadsschouwburg Utrecht.