Body Navigation Festival

Audiovisual Performance Installation

A multi-hour audiovisual performance installation in the intimate setting of an apartment/gallery during the Body Navigation Festival 2008 in the centre of St. Petersburg (RUS).


Made by Flat Corner & MOVE Project: 7 artists from 6 different countries who found each other during the Cimatics Masterclass Live A/V 2007/2008 in Brussels (BE). We formed a group of artists collaborating on a common interest in exploring interaction of the body with live video-projection and live (generated) sound. The results of our research were presented during this audiovisual performance installation in St. Petersburg.


Cimatics is a Brussels based international platform for Live A/V. This Masterclass consisted of a series of 4 monthly workshops with lectures from different internationally renowned media artists / theorists (amongst others Marc Amerika, Lab[au], Yves de Mey, Jerry  Galle, Brendan Byrne & Ana Carvalho, Boris Debackere). During the masterclass the selected artists, working in different fields of media-art (and with backgrounds ranging from choreography to architecture) formed groups and collaborated with each other, with the aim of creating an audiovisual performance project.




Audiovisual Performance Installation

In cooperation with

Charlotte Ruth  (SWE)

Johannes Burström (DNK)

Tobias Leira (NOR)

Filip Sterckx (BEL)

Ambra Pittoni (ITA)

Alexandr Andriyashkin (RUS)


Body Navigation Festival for Contemporary Arts, july 12/13 2008

Kryaznaya Gallery, St. Petersburg (RUS)


This project was made possible with (financial) support from:

 European Cultural Foundation

Cimatics A/V Platform

Norden Nordic culture point


Step Beyond

Transit Sweden

Dance Hotel Russia

Tseh Russia