Film/Space is a monumental multi-channel video installation without sound. It consists of 24 projection-screens, placed in a precise spatial arrangement. The visitor walks around in a filmic landscape of continuously changing projected forms in perfect linear perspective. One’s ability to perceive space is constantly put to the test; the visitor is encouraged to view the installation from different perspectives and to see the projected images in relation to the physical space surrounding the installation.


The objective of this installation (created in cooperation with Seema Ouweneel) was to explore different relations between ‘real’ physical space and the ‘illusory’ space of linear perspective. Since the invention of linear perspective in Renaissance painting, the boundaries between reality and an image of reality become thinner and more ambiguous. Nowadays, through photograpy, film and television and, more recently, vr-techniques, we’re becoming more conditioned and more and more dependent on twodimensional images as the only ‘true’ reproduction of reality.


Film/Space tries to make this visible by showing both ‘realities’ simultaneously.




multiscreen video installation




no sound


Netherlands Media Art Institute , Amsterdam


exhibition Spatial Media Special, april 1 — april 19 2003


 curated by Michael van Hoogenhuyze


Film/Space is made possible by funds from Rotterdams Fonds voor de Film en Audiovisuele Media and Rotterdamse Kunststichting