Film/Space is a monu­men­tal mul­ti-chan­nel video instal­la­ti­on wit­hout sound. It exists of 24 pro­jec­ti­on-screens, pla­ced in a pre­ci­se spa­ti­al arran­ge­ment. The visi­tor walks around in a fil­mic lands­ca­pe of con­ti­nuous­ly chan­ging pro­jec­ted forms in per­fect linear per­spec­ti­ve. One’s abi­li­ty to per­cei­ve spa­ce is con­stant­ly put to the test; the visi­tor is encou­ra­ged to view the instal­la­ti­on from dif­fe­rent per­spec­ti­ves and to see the pro­jec­ted ima­ges in rela­ti­on to the phy­si­cal spa­ce sur­roun­ding the installation.


The objec­ti­ve of this instal­la­ti­on (cre­a­ted in coo­p­e­ra­ti­on with See­ma Ouwe­neel) was to explo­re dif­fe­rent rela­ti­ons bet­ween ‘real’ phy­si­cal spa­ce and the ‘illuso­ry’ spa­ce of linear per­spec­ti­ve. Sin­ce the inven­ti­on of linear per­spec­ti­ve in Renais­san­ce pain­ting, the boun­da­ries bet­ween rea­li­ty and an ima­ge of rea­li­ty beco­me thin­ner and more ambi­guous. Nowa­days, through pho­to­gra­py, film and tele­vi­si­on and, more recent­ly, vr-tech­ni­ques, we’re beco­ming more con­di­ti­o­ned and more and more depen­dent on two­di­men­si­o­nal ima­ges as the only ‘true’ repro­duc­ti­on of reality.


Film/Space tries to make this visi­ble by showing both ‘rea­li­ties’ simultaneously.




mul­tis­creen video installation




no sound


Nether­lands Media Art Insti­tu­te , Amsterdam


exhi­bi­ti­on Spa­ti­al Media Spe­ci­al, april 1 — april 19 2003


 cura­ted by Michael van Hoogenhuyze


Film/Space is made pos­si­ble by funds from Rot­ter­dams Fonds voor de Film en Audio­vi­su­e­le Media and Rot­ter­dam­se Kunststichting