(Un)Aimed is a multichannel, interactive sound installation. It consists of several rotating parabolic speakers. These speakers produce extremely narrow beams of sound that appear very near to the visitor, when standing in such a beam (and almost silent when standing outside of it). Because the speakers turn around and the walls of the room function like ‘acoustic mirrors’, it appears as if there are an innumerable amount of soundsources, thereby creating a strange ‘acoustic image’ of the room.


The installation reacts on the presence of people in the room; if more people are entering the room, the installation will become more active and will sound more ominous. If there’s nobody in the room, the installation will become almost silent. Inspiration for this project comes from old and new military technology and engineering, like radar, sonar and fortresses.


This project was exhibited on location in an old fortress, part of ‘De Hollandse Waterlinie’, a series of water based defences. Built and used from 1629 until 1940, it was planned to protect the economic heartland of the Dutch Republic with a line of flooded land protected by fortresses.




Multichannel, interactive sound installation


Fort Werk aan de Waalse Wetering, Tull en ‘t Waal (NL) •

Exhibition Fortenmaand •


This exhibition was partly in cooperation with Bart Visser, who presented his own sound installation in the same fortress. The installations were connected with each other through the movement sensors placed in the different rooms of the fortress.