Bouw­num­mer 1077 is a ‘Hea­vy Phy­si­cal Sound Per­for­man­ce’ by Bart Vis­ser, Rem­co de Jong and Arnold Hoog­er­werf. This pro­ject is both a per­for­man­ce and a sound instal­la­ti­on. The instal­la­ti­on scans the sur­roun­ding spa­ce of the instal­la­ti­on with microp­ho­nes and spea­kers, which are built into han­ging cubes. It can be play­ed like an instru­ment, by gras­ping, swin­ging and rota­ting the cubes. By playing sounds into the room and sub­se­quent­ly recor­ding and replaying the same sound, an acous­tic reso­nan­ce scan is being made of the spa­ce and the room will reve­al, bit by bit, its ‘true acous­ti­cal identity’.

A com­pu­ter pro­gram is devel­o­ped to give the pos­si­bi­li­ty for live cou­pling of spea­kers and microp­ho­nes in various ‘loops’. By varying the­se loops with this pro­gram, the spa­ce and instal­la­ti­on beco­mes a dyna­mic elec­tro-acous­tic organism.

This pro­ject is inspi­red by a com­po­si­ti­on of Ame­ri­can com­po­ser Alvin Lucier (1931): ‘I Am Sit­ting in a Room’. Ori­gi­nal­ly from 1970 (and per­for­med and recor­ded on various other ocas­si­ons after­wards), this pie­ce con­sists of thirty-two gene­ra­ti­ons of Alvin Lucier’s speech. The pie­ce begins with “I am sit­ting in a room, dif­fe­rent from the one you are in now. I am recor­ding the sound of my spea­king voi­ce…” etc. etc., and is then repe­a­ted again and again until only the reso­nant fre­quen­cies of the room remain. (More info on this pie­ce and Alvin Lucier here and here)

This pro­ject is performed:

  • sep­tem­ber 2001, Mani­fes­ta­tie Werk­spoor 2001, Oos­ten­bur­ger Eiland, Amster­dam, NL
  • novem­ber 2001, Dia­log Fes­ti­val, Der Alte Kas­er­ne, Win­ter­thur, CH
  • janu­a­ry 2003, Tran­s­me­di­a­le Fes­ti­val (Ope­ning Act), Maria am Ufer, Ber­lin, GER
  • febru­a­ry 2003, New Con­cepts in Live Elec­tro­nic Music, Kor­zo The­a­tre, The Hague, NL 

Bouw­num­mer 1077 (2001) from Arnold Hoog­er­werf on Vimeo.