The supernormal


Book project

From september 2017 — february 2018, i have been working at NIAS (Netherlands Institute of Advanced Study in the Humanities and Social Sciences) as part of a fellowship offered by the KNAW and the Akademie van Kunsten. I worked on my upcoming project The supernormal, a more theoretical follow-up of my interdisciplinary art project De meeuwen van Tinbergen.

Besides doing more research on the effects of Niko Tinbergen’s concept of the supernormal stimulus on human behaviour in general,  I focused on the implications of this kind of scientific knowledge on art, art theory and art education.

The outcome of all research will hopefully be published in an illustrated book (by Jap Sam Books).





Book Project


This artist-in-residence was made possible by a grant offered by the Society of Arts of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW)