Ontleding van het filmische

Ontleding Van Het Filmische is a performance / light installation. In this performance, a mechanical light construction is built and carefully tested, with the ultimate goal of creating one ‘cinematic’ moment. This project is an ode to the pioneers of cinema: all the artists, priests, alchemists and scientists that passionately worked on the invention of the cinematic apparatus, an apparatus that laid the base for our contemporary visual culture.

With this project, i graduated from the Interfaculty Sound and Image (now ArtScience Interfaculty). It was sort of a roundup of all the ideas i had during my study. In a way, this project is also a self portrait: in total darkness, the performer is turning a big steering wheel. This causes two moving lights to light a series of hanging cut out silhouettes. The stroboscopic effect gives the illusion of a person turning around a big steering wheel…




Performance / light installation


Gallery Toussaintkade, Stroom HCBK, The Hague (NL)

Eindtermen (graduate exhibition)