Flyer Maandag of DinsdagMaandag of Dinsdag is a new play of theatre group cowboy bij nacht, for which i composed music and (partly) did light- and stagedesign. It is inspired by ‘The Hours’ (2002), the oscar-winning movie directed by Stephen Daldry. Maandag of Dinsdag is a portrait of Gina, Laura and Clarissa, who all ended up in an emotional vacuum. As a result, their luck becomes nothing more than a façade. Maandag of Dinsdag shows the day on which this façade will be demolished.

“Gina wants to be independent, but asks her husband for permission if she wants to take a walk. Laura tries to hide that she’s too depressive to even bake a cake and has to ask her three year old son where to start. Clarissa makes sure she’s always too busy to think”

Maandag of Dinsdag is made by:

  • Robert van Dijk (Text)
  • Alexander de Vree (Director)
  • Anna Hermans, Judith van Houten, Mirthe Klieverik (Actors)
  • Marleen Buenen (Stagedesign)
  • Arnold Hoogerwerf (Music)
  • Orin Habich / Arnold Hoogerwerf (Lightdesign)
  • Maaike Mul / Liselotte Bos (Production)
  • Paul Wolterink (Graphic Design)

Maandag of Dinsdag will be performed: