(Announcement) Exhibition ‘Narratives in Space // Spatial Narrations’ at ACEC site, Ghent (BE)

From february 15th — february 19th 2008, i will present a new video from my ‘Time Sketch’ series at exhibition Narratives in Space // Spatial Narrations in Ghent (BE). This installation exhibition is organised by Ghent based foundation Existentie, a platform that brings together artists, arts critics and curators. The past couple of months, i’ve been involved in ‘Labo 5’, a series of meetings, lectures and presentations organised by Existentie, aimed at bridging the gap between art theorists and art practitioners. This ‘Narratives…’ installation exhibition is one of the results of this Labo. Artists Participating: Arnold Hoogerwerf (NL) Guido van der Werve (NL) Judit Hettema (NL) Katja Mater (NL) Keren Cytter (NL/ISR) Lucas Lenglet (NL) Lucie Renneboog (BE) Pieter Vermeersch (BE) Stefan Serneels (BE) Curator: Imke Ruigrok (NL) 15/02/08: 20h OPENING 16/02/08 — 17/02/08: 14h<20h 18/02/08 — 19/02/08: 16h<20h Address: ACEC DOK NOORD 4 HAL 20, 9000 Ghent, Belgium

(In parallel with this exhibition, another result of Labo 5 is the fine arts exhibition curated by Sam Steverlynck, ‘Palazzo Existencia’ at Komijnstraat 3 in Ghent. With work of Boris Thiébaut (BE), Dirk Braeckman (BE), Imke Ruigrok (NL), Joost Bakker (NL), Lillian Kreutzberger (NL), Stefaan Serneels (BE))