Pretty happy with the new work desk at my shared workspace. Now let’s work from home for the unforeseeable future…

🎵 I very much love this idea for a collective drone concert in quarantaine. Hope it works out as planned!

”Let’s all gather (in our shelters) and produce a drone (in C) from our balconies and windows that can be heard across the city – unifying us all in isolation and reverberating love and compassion“

Total lockdown vs. herd immunity

So, yesterday was quite a surreal day over here in the Netherlands. It was the first, sunny day of ‘the ‘Covid19’ lockdown, the Dutch way’. Instead of a total lockdown like China, Italy and now Spain and France, the Netherlands are opting for a controlled spreading of the Corona virus throughout the population.
By taking less stringent measures, society will be less disrupted, but a lot of healthy, less vulnerable people (possibly up to 60% of the population) will get sick with mild symptoms of Corona over the next coming months.
— Lees op

After a week of several Mid Year Assessments at HKU, I’m tired but very satisfied with all the great projects our students presented.

Just learned about word vectors and some cool tricks you can do with them for creative applications. For example: you can programmatically ‘average’ words like hot and cold to end up with warm! Time to get more into NLP, and a good enough motivation to improve my Python skills…

4000 axe-monies returned to Mexico

Intriguing mixture of folk art, economics and technology from 800 years ago.

They are archaeologically significant (…) because they attest to an exchange of monies and metallurgic technology between the ancient Mexican and Andean peoples.

What is monoculture?

”Is there less monoculture today, or is culture more mass than ever? Are we siloed within our own preferences or are we unable to escape the homogenized net-average, consuming all the same things?”

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