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Pretty happy with the new work desk at my shared workspace. Now let’s work from home for the unforeseeable future…

🎵 I very much love this idea for a collective drone concert in quarantaine. Hope it works out as planned!

”Let’s all gather (in our shelters) and produce a drone (in C) from our balconies and windows that can be heard across the city – unifying us all in isolation and reverberating love and compassion“

🎥 Finally had a chance to visit Andrei Tarkovsky: the exhibition in Eye Filmmuseum Amsterdam. The multi screen setup didn’t do his films justice in my opinion. But there were a lot of interesting handwritten manuscripts and beautiful Polaroids of dreamy landscapes.

🎵 My week in music (week #48)

🎵 Music + Activism ❤️ Place: The Netherlands

”The Netherlands positions itself as progressive and open but to People of Colour and other minority groups it is very different. LGBTQIA+ refugees are the most marginalized and the most at risk.”

Video and sound workshop on ‘Identity’ at Academy of Theatre and Dance Amsterdam

Had a great start of a new video and sound workshop at the Academy of Theatre and Dance in Amsterdam. We had a brief discussion on the fine art of mass manipulation, and on the uncanny similarities between this fake news fragment from a few days ago and the famous ‘Lambeth Walk’ parody of Nazi propaganda during the Second World War.

Watching the most beautiful woman in the world comes at a price…

Before Easter After

It is here that the well-educated person enters the picture: someone
who studies a subject not to acquire scientific knowledge of it but to
become a discerning judge”

The well-educated person

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