Interactieve luisterbeleving mens maakt landschap maakt mens

Voor alle thuisblijvers: mijn interactieve luisterfietstocht mens maakt landschap maakt mens is nu beschikbaar en kan op eigen gelegenheid worden gefietst en of gewandeld.

Voor mij nu eerst vakantie, maar op 10 september ben ik zelf aanwezig bij Museum IJsselstein om een introductie te geven en in gesprek te gaan met deelnemers. Meer informatie op mijn website!

Graduation of first class of students Ad Design Digital Media

I just finished the first part of the examination assessment of the first group of students from the new Associate Degree Design Digital Media (HKU — Utrecht University of The Arts). I’m very proud of all our students: their hard work has certainly paid off, especially in these difficult times!

Be sure to take a look at the online exhibition at The students will have a Q&A with visitors on Friday 26 june 2020 from 16:45 — 19:00, you’re cordially invited! More info can be found here.

Or read this interview in Algemeen Dagblad with one of our students!

Video and sound workshop on ‘Identity’ at Academy of Theatre and Dance Amsterdam

Had a great start of a new video and sound workshop at the Academy of Theatre and Dance in Amsterdam. We had a brief discussion on the fine art of mass manipulation, and on the uncanny similarities between this fake news fragment from a few days ago and the famous ‘Lambeth Walk’ parody of Nazi propaganda during the Second World War.

Shell Shock sound installation at Eye Amsterdam

I made a commissioned sound installation for the Shell Shock programme in Eye Filmmuseum! You’re welcome to experience it until 22 May 2019. It’s free, since the installation is at the entrance of Eye, but I highly encourage you to also visit one of the great talks, films and other events as part of Shell Shock, or the parallel exhibition A Tale of Hidden Histories.

More info can be found on the project page.

Moving Image Course at HKU

This week I started a new Moving Image course at the HKU Brede Basisopleiding (University of the Arts Utrecht). Here you can see the students creating a Light Modulator. It’s so nice to see young students getting enthusiastic by an art excercise developed almost 80 years ago at Moholy-Nagy’s New Bauhaus.

Masterclass with Alvin Lucier

On Sunday, october 19th 2014, i was given the opportunity to attend a masterclass by Alvin Lucier at the Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam. This very inspiring masterclass was part of the Alvin Lucier Festival and was organized by Sonic Acts. Mr. Lucier talked extensively about his work and we attended several of his compositions being performed across the museum. Several of my own projects were inspired by the ideas and work of Alvin Lucier.

Lecture on Niko Tinbergen during ‘De Academie’ (De NUTtige winkel)

On january 15, Alexander de Vree and i presented a lecture on Niko Tinbergen, his research on supernormal stimuli and  human behaviour during De NUTtige winkel (an annual series of performances by Nieuw Utrechts Toneel) in Theater Kikker. The lecture was based on our research for De Meeuwen van Tinbergen and focused on the implications of research in behavioural biology  in relation to economics and the economic crisis. A small part of the lecture also focused on his brother (and fellow Nobel Prize winner), the famous economist Jan Tinbergen.

Student film screenings at Filmin Festival

A selection of short films made by students of my video courses at Utrechts Centrum v.d. Kunsten will be screened at the Filmin festival on sunday june 10 2012. Filmin is a European project aimed at improving cultural exchange through the use of audiovisual media.

Location: PodiumWerkPlaats (
Burchtpoort 5
 3452 MD Vleuten)

Exhibition “10 Jaar Vlampijpateliers”

From april 6–28 2011, i will present a digital portfolio of my work at the exhibition 10 jaar Vlampijpateliers, Stadhuis Utrecht. Opening hours: Monday — Friday from 9.00 — 17.00. Address: Korte Minrebroederstraat 2, Utrecht.
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