This week, I paid a visit to the beautiful Klok en Peel museum in Asten, a small museum with an extensive collection and library on the subject of bells. I was there for discussing a small commissioned job, but also for research on my upcoming soundscape project on city bells.

Finally received the custom made picture frame for a great birthday present I got from close friends: an abstract screen printing of a Redbreast Robin! (Part of BLOCBIRDS, an artproject by Studio 212 Fahrenheit.)

📚 According to my Goodreads list I already started reading A Distant Mirror years back, but the bookmark revealed I never got past the foreword. This time, I’m determined to read it all the way to the end, since it will be great research for my upcoming project on city bells.

❤️ Exploring the Dutch Green Heart landscape through Google Earth Studio.

Reconnecting with Max/MSP while getting into the fine art of campanology for an upcoming project on bells.

I was going through my sound archive and found a bunch of MiniDiscs. No way I will ever play them back anymore, but they’re simply too beautiful to trash them…

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