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Finally received the custom made picture frame for a great birthday present I got from close friends: an abstract screen printing of a Redbreast Robin! (Part of BLOCBIRDS, an artproject by Studio 212 Fahrenheit.)

?According to my Goodreads list I already started reading A Distant Mirror years back, but the bookmark revealed I never got past the foreword. This time, I’m determined to read it all the way to the end, since it will be great research for my upcoming project on city bells.

❤️ Exploring the Dutch Green Heart landscape through Google Earth Studio.

Reconnecting with Max/MSP while getting into the fine art of campanology for an upcoming project on bells.

Graduation of first class of students Ad Design Digital Media

I just finished the first part of the examination assessment of the first group of students from the new Associate Degree Design Digital Media (HKU – Utrecht University of The Arts). I’m very proud of all our students: their hard work has certainly paid off, especially in these difficult times!

Be sure to take a look at the online exhibition at exposure.hku.nl. The students will have a Q&A with visitors on Friday 26 june 2020 from 16:45 – 19:00, you’re cordially invited! More info can be found here.

Or read this interview in Algemeen Dagblad with one of our students!

Video and sound workshop on ‘Identity’ at Academy of Theatre and Dance Amsterdam

Had a great start of a new video and sound workshop at the Academy of Theatre and Dance in Amsterdam. We had a brief discussion on the fine art of mass manipulation, and on the uncanny similarities between this fake news fragment from a few days ago and the famous ‘Lambeth Walk’ parody of Nazi propaganda during the Second World War.

It is here that the well-educated person enters the picture: someone
who studies a subject not to acquire scientific knowledge of it but to
become a discerning judge”

The well-educated person

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