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De meeuwen van Tinbergen

De meeuwen van Tinbergen

Theatre performance


bird excursion


After two years of preparation, my interdisciplinary project De meeuwen van Tinbergen will have its grand premiere at this year’s Oerol Festival. This collaboration between Cowboy bij Nacht, Staatsbosbeheer and Museum Boerhaave is a hommage to ethologist and Nobel Prize Laureate Niko Tinbergen (1907–1988).

The project consists of a theatre performance by Cowboy bij Nacht, a small exhibition (in cooperation with Museum Boerhaave, Leiden) and an excursion to the seagull colony at De Boschplaat (in cooperation with Staatsbosbeheer).

Later this year, performances are planned during Festival Karavaan (july, Hoorn), Fortenmaand (september, Utrecht) and Museum Boerhaave (october, Leiden).

Furthermore, a series of ‘theatrical lectures’ will take place on 5 different Dutch universities in september and october in cooperation with different scientists from the fields of biology, psychology, philosophy and cultural and media studies.

More info (in Dutch) can be found on the project blog.




Theatre performance


Bird Excursion


In cooperation with

theatergroep cowboy bij nacht

Rijksmuseum Boerhaave


Studium Generale Nederland


Oerol Festival

Fortenmaand Utrecht

Museum Boerhaave

Festival Karavaan

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