Masterclass with Alvin Lucier

On Sunday, october 19th 2014, i was given the opportunity to attend a masterclass by Alvin Lucier at the Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam. This very inspiring masterclass was part of the Alvin Lucier Festival and was organized by Sonic Acts. Mr. Lucier talked extensively about his work and we attended several of his compositions being performed across the museum. Several of my own projects were inspired by the ideas and work of Alvin Lucier.

‘Pecking the red dot’, a theatrical lecture on the life and work of Niko Tinbergen – Newcastle (UK)

Behaviour 2013 logo

On august 6th, De meeuwen van Tinbergen will return one last time with a special version of a theatrical lecture during the international ethological conference Behaviour 2013 in Newcastle (UK). 

With special thanks to Brill Publishers.

To celebrate the 65th anniversary of Behaviour and the 40th anniversary of Niko Tinbergen’s Nobel Prize, Dutch theatre company Cowboy bij Nacht and behavioural biologist Carel ten Cate will team up to deliver a special theatrical lecture about the life and work of Niko Tinbergen (1907 – 1988). Inspired by Tinbergen’s work with herring gulls and his classic experiments on supernormal stimuli, this lecture will provide a brief account of Tinbergen’s experiments on the begging responses of Herring gull chicks, illustrated with a short movie and pictures of Tinbergen’s old notes. Tinbergen’s original data on the famous experiment on the colour of the spot on the lower mandible differ from the well-known textbook figure showing the strongest response to a red spot. Ten Cate will discuss this and show how recent data also provide a novel twist to the story of the supernormal beak. He will end with some modern examples of supernormal stimuli with humans, which is the main subject of a longterm project on Tinbergen by theatre company Cowboy bij Nacht.

Tesla Theater (2013)

On June 1st 2013, I presented a new project during the ‘Nacht van Kunst en Wetenschap’ in Groningen. Tesla Theater is a short music theater performance about inventor and eccentric genius Nikola Tesla. In cooperation with Roel Voorbij. Special thanks to Daniel Eindhoven (

Lecture on Niko Tinbergen during ‘De Academie’ (De NUTtige winkel)

On january 15, Alexander de Vree and i presented a lecture on Niko Tinbergen, his research on supernormal stimuli and  human behaviour during De NUTtige winkel (an annual series of performances by Nieuw Utrechts Toneel) in Theater Kikker. The lecture was based on our research for De Meeuwen van Tinbergen and focused on the implications of research in behavioural biology  in relation to economics and the economic crisis. A small part of the lecture also focused on his brother (and fellow Nobel Prize winner), the famous economist Jan Tinbergen.

De meeuwen van Tinbergen – Oerol (2012)

After two years of preparation, my interdisciplinary project De meeuwen van Tinbergen will have its grand premiere at this year’s Oerol Festival. This collaboration between Cowboy bij Nacht, Staatsbosbeheer and Museum Boerhaave is a hommage to ethologist and Nobel Prize Laureate Niko Tinbergen (1907-1988). The project consists of a theatre performance by Cowboy bij Nacht, a small exhibition (in cooperation with Museum Boerhaave, Leiden) and an excursion to the seagull colony at De Boschplaat (in cooperation with Staatsbosbeheer). Later this year, performances are planned during Festival Karavaan (july, Hoorn), Fortenmaand (september, Utrecht) and Museum Boerhaave (october, Leiden). Furthermore, a series of ‘theatrical lectures’ will take place on 5 different Dutch universities in september and october in cooperation with different scientists from the fields of biology, psychology, philosophy and cultural and media studies.

More info (in Dutch) can be found on the project blog.

Smile! You’re on CCTV (2011)

A video installation specially made for the september 11 memorial that will take place in the Neudeflat in Utrecht.

“Security is both a feeling and a reality, and they’re different. You can feel secure even though you’re not, and you can be secure even though you don’t feel it.”

Bruce Schneier

In Smile! You’re on CCTV the visitor enters a room with several hidden IP cameras and one central video surveillance monitor placed on a desk. On several sticky notes placed on the walls and the floor, the visitor can read quotes on the subject of privacy, CCTV, security, safety and the rise of the ‘politics of fear’. The video monitor shows (delayed) video streams of the cameras capturing the image of the visitor. Because of this delay, the visitor can watch himself on the monitor walking around the room, while he was reading these quotes.

More info about the 9-11 project can be found here.
In the video interview below (in dutch), i explain a bit more about the conceptual motives for this project.